Club History
Magnum united is steeped in history, has ties with many founding fathers of the modern “combat shooting” movement in South Africa, and helped forge the path for the modern sporting shooter.
Magnum was founded in 1975, when 2 shooting clubs merged, Magnum Shooting Club and the United Shooting club came together after losing access to their range at the time. The shooting range was unnamed as it was initially a private shooting club.


In 1977, Adrian Rosslee was invited to join by Robin Fisher, and was then introduced to “combat shooting”.

The early members of the current club were big names in the shooting community at the time, namely:

  • Haynes and Anne Stead
  • Eric, Christo, and Marius Barnard
  • Eric Barnard Furnishers (RIP)
  • Robin Fisher
  • Prof. Julian White. (RIP)
  • Benny Kwan (RIP)
  • Peter and Why Phat

Shortly after Adrian joined Magnum United Shooting Club, the following shooters also joined, and became some of the early hot shots in Combat Shooting;

  • Fanie Potgieter
  • Henie Moulder
  • Noel Brown
  • Noel Gibson

Magnum United hosted provincial league shoots as well as national-level events. With time, members moved, life went on and the range became dormant. As is the way with these things, the range became derelict and vandalized. The remaining structures were broken down and shot, the range itself took to seed and became overgrown.


In the mid 1990’s, Adrian became more involved with firearms training, and needed a shooting range for training purposes. At this, he contacted Haynes Stead and it was mutually agreed that Adrian would take over the range, gentrify it and open it to the public. It was named Magnum United Shooting Range to honour those founding members, their contribution to the sport and the range’s prestigious history.

The existing ranges were reconfigured and with the help and generosity of many club members, the existing structures, roads and what you can see today were erected. With special thanks to :

  • Sarel Griessel.
  • Oupa Jooste. (RIP)
  • Henry Kirstein. (Super Rock Drills) (RIP)
  • Ge Jooste. (Super Rock Drills)
  • Jaco van den Berg.
  • Julian Jennings.


During the 2020 pandemic and with the shutdown of the business, the range was once again vandalised and repeatedly broken into. Many people made anonymous donations and the friends and family of the Magnum United Shooting Range once again rallied, without the donors and the
people listed below, Magnum may not have been here today:

  • John Grun.
  • Gerhard Riekert. (Burns Taxidermy) (RIP)
  • Jerry Lamb (JJ Electrical)
  • Ian Bester
  • Marcel and Geraldine de Wet (Rescomp) 
  • Deon Coetzee
  • Deon Swart
  • Deon Storm. (Hailstorm)
  • Steve Kruger
  • Russell Thompson
  • Jaco van der Westhuizen

The shooting range would not exist without the members of the Pretoria Defensive Shooting Club, Magnum United Shooting Club, trainers like Albert Wessels, Terrick Naude, Arno Barlow, and others that use the shooting range to present training. Our other supporters are shooting associations such as Big Bore Association Southern Africa and our corporate clients that use the facility.

We of course must not forget our long-time sponsors and supporters at:

  • MRS Technologies
  • Rescomp Handgun Technologies
  • Hatfield Sound and Security
  • Daniels Holsters
  • Silver Rapids Bullets
  • Afri-Coatings
  • Hailstorm
  • Super Rock Drills


Magnum United Shooting Range and the Tactical Defense Institute have always been family
owned and family run. The founders of the business, Adrian and Sheila Rosslee, have been the
driving force behind what you know as Magnum United. While they have been the prevalent
names in the business, they will now be taking a more consultative role in the business and take
on projects and training they feel strongly about. They will both be around to advise and guide
the business through these next few years.

In May of 2021, Billy Rosslee, son of the aforementioned founders will be joining the businesses
in a full time capacity as General Manager. With the combined experience of Adrian and Sheila,
the support of the club members and many others, we look forward to taking Magnum United
Shooting Range and Tactical Defense Institute to new heights. We will be rebuilding and adding
to the good foundation that has already been established in the industry and the shooting
community. We look forward to this next chapter and our continued involvement in all things

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